4 Questions to Raise in Looking for Home Cleaning Service Professionals

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Dwellers of the urban jungle are busy creatures. They do work for forty (40) hours per week. This holds a pressing challenge for urbanites- minimal time for cleaning, leaving their spaces prone to dirt and pests. In predicaments like this, a professional home cleaner will definitely be of help as they’ll be able to maintain the condition of the home on your behalf. If this sounds convenient to you, might as well consider their professional services. In doing such, prepare by asking yourselves these questions when it comes to looking for home cleaning service Eugene, OR companies. You would want to provide information to your prospective contractor.

Question 1- What sort of cleaning does my home needs?

Cleaning companies aren’t created equal. Having this in mind, some of them do full-fledged servicing, and some don’t. We encourage you to list down all of your non-negotiables. So, expect that not all establishments can meet them. Be clear on what those are. Do you require washing clothes and dishes? Changing curtains? You’ll only have a good candidate if they express that your wishes can be granted.

Question 2- What is the frequency of cleaning my home needs?

This question requires your careful observation. At what point does your home reach its dirtiest? End of the week? End of two weeks? End of the month. Once you have identified this honest check, you can now determine how frequent should the cleaners visit your home to do their job. On top of your observation, you can also base your decision on the availability of the company’s schedule. Do not sacrifice your ideal schedule though. It is encouraged that you guys, the two parties, should meet halfway; making it a win-win situation for all.

Question 3- Will I receive free consultations?

Once you’ve chosen your preferred home cleaning service contractor, you insist to receive consultation of your place beforehand. This can be made via phone call. A personal touch can also be your option, and that is face-to-face. Take advantage of this free service by asking pertinent questions with regard to the services being offered. To manage expectations and more importantly, to create a quote that is justifiable, share to your contractor the scale of the place, plus the specific areas to be attended.

Question 4- Will there be a service guarantee?

We want to reiterate the previous statement “Cleaning companies aren’t created equal.” True to this testament is the presence of companies who have the capacity to upsell service guarantees. They belong to the upper echelon, the top of the line. This speaks volumes of their work ethics as they’re confident to do a walk-through with their clients. This process checks if all identified workloads are executed by the cleaning contractors. The goal here is to impress clients with all details being answered- there should be no stones left unturned. In stark contrast, there are companies who can’t propose this guarantee. This time, they belong to the bottom. Their work ethics is questionable as they don’t have the nerve at all to tour the clients on the cleaning accomplishments made by them (home cleaning service guys).

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